2nd European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Kaart wordt geladen...

Date(s) - 06/02/2018 - 09/02/2018

KU Leuven


Nomadic Inquiry

Nomadic inquiry, a way of thinking with the potential to become a way of living that challenges established understanding of what counts as human and how the very definition of humanity defines our relationship with ‘the other’, our environment and ‘things’.

Nomadic inquiry, an opportunity to experiment with the boundaries of space and time, to study the full potential of amongst other, biotechnoscientific ‘configurations’ that move beyond the here and now, to challenge current notions of living environments as somewhere situated between past and future, between real life and second life, between what we know and what we will come to know.

Nomadic inquiry, a call for transdisciplinary research, with scholars detaching themselves from their own disciplinary or methodological roots to become and do something different, to move elsewhere and invite others in.

For this year’s colloquium, we particularly invite contributions that challenge the idea that inquiry primarily depends on the power of human agency, that the subject of and in research is at the centre of our knowledge frames, that data and dissemination formats are defined by the structure in which they first appear to us, as fixed and stable entities. Reflexive contributions that help us understand how the process of qualitative inquiry or qualitative writing creates potentiality for multiple becomings are encouraged.
We further welcome contributions that provide a better understanding of the impact of a fast digitalizing society, populated by digital nomads who experience time and space differently. We also invite worked examples of  research work conducted from an inter- or transdisciplinary perspective , where people ‘migrate’ across disciplines and ‘move’ into unexplored study designs to study complex phenomena; those ‘in flux’ of which the dynamic logic escapes our disciplinary understanding.

Key note speakers

  • Rosi Braidotti : Nomadic Theory – Virtual introduction of the conference theme.
  • Elisabeth De Freitas – The problem of method.
  • Ali Madanipour – Nomadic urbanity, multiple temporalities, and epistemic transgression.
  • Stephanie Springgay and Sarah E. Truman – ‘To the landless’: Walking as counter-cartographies and effective time WalkingLab.


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